TL;DR: It's been a while since I've done this! Here's an update on my life 🙂 This week I joined Shopify's product team to help lead Growth! Couldn't be more excited about this mission, product, and team. Now is the best time join us - you should do it!
Can't share details here, but join my AngelList syndicate to see the deal!
Hello! Last time I sent an update here was a month and a half ago. Been averaging once every two months or so lately. Less frequently than my initial…
And a framework for ramping up as a Product Manager in a new team or company
Ditching my normal format this week for a big life and career update
(If you're not sure why this is in your inbox, my first newsletter update explaining what this is and why I'm doing it can be found here. I'll be…
I'm starting a newsletter.

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